Liquid Limestone Perth

We are a specialist installer of Liquid Limestone in Perth. We have been in the industry for over 15 years and have gained many happy clients along with a large amount of knowledge when it comes to our specialty concrete.

Where to install Liquid Limestone

In Perth there are various places around the home where liquid limestone is poured. For example a large number of clients like to get there driveways in this material over an alternative like paving. The reason for this is that that weeds do not grow through like they do with paving and there is a lot less maintenance.

In short you can get liquid limestone anywhere. However, the most popular places are under the alfresco, driveways, pool surrounds and walkways around the side of the house.

Liquid Limestone Patterns

There are many different types of patterns you can go for when you get your liquid limestone installed. The most popular style clients go for is a random rectangle and square. However there are quite a few styles:

  • Random
  • Classic Circular
  • Slate
  • Classic Random
  • Random 45
  • Circular
  • Diamond
  • Flagstone
  • Tile

If you worry what each concrete style looks like no worries, we can give you a list of jobs we have done in the past and you can go check it out. And keep in mind, any style you want we can do.

Liquid Limestone Patterns

5 year structural guarantee

We offer a 5 year guarantee that our liquid limestone will be structurally sound for a minimum of five years. The reason we do this is because are are confident in our product even in the hard Perth sun.

We use high quality steel mesh at 6mm thickness and low spacing. this allows us to make a great quality product. In addition, we seal our liquid limestone correctly and allow it to withstand hard weather environments.